Inspection Trip Le Champlain

Few passengers on board

This Explorer class offers space for around 180 passengers, although it is currently not fully occupied. You could say small and fine, almost like being on a large private yacht. This is how you feel safe.

Boarding only with COVID-19 test and Certificate.

All guests take a PCR COVID-19 test before boarding. Furthermore, boarding ist only possible with a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.

Extensive precautionary measures on board

The preventive measures on the ship are very far-reaching. Mask compulsory, disinfection of breathing air, disinfection of all goods that get on the ship, including clothes of the guests and much more.

Pure luxury

The Le Champlain, like her sister ships, is very tastefully decorated. Thanks to its size, smaller ports can also be approached. The kitchen is excellent, French, what more could you want.